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Freedom From Fear
Freedom From Want

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Solutions For Safer, Stronger Communities

Human Security

A new approach to creating truly safe communities around the world.

For many people in our community, safety and security are not guaranteed.  Rising crime levels, high poverty rates, limited medical care, food scarcity, a lack of fair access to the judicial system, and a barrage of misinformation / disinformation continue to undermine opportunities to create truly safe and secure communities.  

Traditionally, when faced with these types of security deficits, the preferred response is to hire more police officers or invest in state of the art security systems.  However, evidence continues to point to the fact that these types of responses are ineffectual.  In fact, the creation of zero-sum approaches to security can exasperate the problems 

Delsec is working on a more effective approach called Human Security.  This approach holds as its core principle the idea that security is dependent upon members of a community being free from fear and free from want.  Simply stated, if the underlying causes of insecurity can be addressed, then the entire community's security will improve.  In turn this improves the prosperity of everyone.  

Today Delsec is working with our clients, industry leaders, and partners around the world to develop innovative, AI enabled solutions to these types of security deficits.  Join us as we seek to create a truly secure future for every member of every community.

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Learn More About Human Security Here

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AI Enabled Solutions

The democratization of cutting edge artificial intelligence capabilities puts the power of change into the hands of every community

The AI driven changes that are taking place around the world today are not confined to the richest countries.  Access to better communications, investments in education, and a drive to overcome obstacles has empowered researchers everywhere to make the world a better place.  

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